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Mountain Mission Must

Mountain Mission Must

My local church decided to take a mission trip to the Appalachia area of Kentucky.  I felt God pulling me to go even though I was fearful of putting my self in unknown territory.  I have only been on one mission trip before and it was so many years ago.  I was also concerned about the food situation.   The IBS I had for years was now gone due changing my diet to healthier foods but I sure didn’t want it to come back while I was there.  I did some planning and made sure I had plenty of snacks just in case.  I’m so glad I planned well because my food options were very limited in this small community.  Obeying God by going and having faith that he would take care of my needs was so strong in my spirit.  I just let go and let God take the reigns.  Why do I ever doubt Him, because he is always faithful.

We all left the church on a early summer Monday morning and it took us all day to drive to our hotel.  We only had one mishap with a flat tire but the police came just in time to protect our little caravan while the men had the tire replaced with in just about 15 minutes.  I was very impressed.  After our arrival,  we all were a little discouraged with some disarray on the plans but after this rough start, things started to fall in place.  Having a good night’s sleep was good for all of our spirits.  We had Vacation Bible School activities for the kids, Women’s bible study for the moms, construction on several homes and two groups cooking.  The people in this community and one of their churches welcomed us with open arms.  You could tell there is a great need in this for love, fellowship and Christ.   The local church that was sponsoring us had revival every night we were there.  It was awesome being involved with a different type of worship.  It was not what we were used to but it sure opened our eyes to God working in all types of worship, preaching and singing.  I sure felt God’s presence in my heart and in this church’s heart.

Some of the group including me had to leave a few days early due to a family emergency.  I was sad to leave but also glad to be able to see my husband and daughter that I missed terribly.  After I arrived home I finally had some time to pray, think about and process my week.  I was somewhat down and felt I should have done more or wished I could have done more for this community.  I wanted to do more for them.  I found an awesome poem which sums up exactly how I felt during my trip which I have included below:

Posted on November 16, 2010 by  Source: His Hands and Feet

His Hands and Feet

Has our God turned His back upon this place?
Does He withhold His Mercy and His Grace?
Does He not hear their prayers or see their pain?
Does He not care that their tears fall like rain?

It breaks my heart to see a need that cannot be fulfilled,
It hurts my soul that children’s dreams are slowly being killed,
A hopelessness pervades the air and suffocates my breath,
I cannot bear the destruction, I can’t escape the death,

It fills the streets like a thick fog, a blanket of disease,
A desperation calls my name and brings me to my knees,
I cry to God, ‘Why am I here? What did you bring me for?
I cannot clothe the hungry! I cannot feed the poor!

What difference can one girl make in this lost and lonely land?
Can one life really change the world when guided by Your Hand?”
I close my eyes and hold my breath and wait upon the Lamb,
And then a still, small voice whispers, “My precious child, I AM.

I AM Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord that will Provide,
The Alpha and Omega, I’ve never left their side,
I AM the Lord Almighty, their Faithful El Shaddai,
I hear my children suffering; I see every tear they cry,

I AM Abba their Daddy, a Strong Tower for the weak,
I AM the King of Kings, and the Redemption that they seek,
The Author of Salvation, the Beginning and the End,
Their Protector, their Redeemer, their Creator and their Friend,

And you my precious daughter have a calling, don’t you see?
What you do for the least of these, so you do unto Me,
As you love others in My Name, I’m working out My Plan,
You will be My Hands and Feet, you will show them who I AM.”


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“Prepare for the worst, expect the best, and take what comes.”Robert Speer

“God isn’t looking for people of great faith, but for individuals ready to follow Him” Hudson Taylor




Wavering Life


Darkness heavily submerges

while glorious twinkling lights ever slowly flow over.


Waves crashing loudly

with just a whisper of bubbling coolness lingering behind.


Remote rumbling of thunder

embraced by the quickness of exhilarating brightness.


Steamy hot breath of the forgotten sun

disappears into the sweet breeze of the luminous moon.


Kathy Hunt Adkisson 6/2015

(written after a nightly walk along the beach with my husband)

The Shores of Life – Our Grinding Stone

The Shores of Life – Our Grinding Stone

“It’s not what you do, but how much love you put into what you do that matters.”  Mother Teresa

“Pain, your personal grinding stone, has a purpose when ever it is used to make a difference.” Dr. Leslie Parrott

“…Hoping against hope I can collect my life into a treasure.” Dr. Leslie Parrott

“Under the Mercy every hurt is a fossil link in the great chain of becoming.” Dr. Leslie Parrott

The Shores of Life

I am not just one tiny piece of sharp rugged glass
that keeps getting rubbed and washed up to shore for no reason. 


I am part of a mosaic of so many different glass variations
working together making a beautiful piece of art that glorifies Him.


Even when the waves feel like they are crashing all around me,
washing me against the coast, I am sustained by the surrounding glass body.


Through the shores of life I am filled with gratefulness and
peace because of the support from Father above and others around me.

Kathy Adkisson

You Matter More Than You Think:
What A Woman Needs to Know about the Difference She Makes

Dr. Leslie Parrott