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A Necklace that Heals!!!!

A Necklace that Heals!!!!

What a great idea, a necklace that not only smells great but also has a healing power too.   As I did some research online and was shopping online on Etsy.com, I found some diffuser charms that are to be worn as necklaces and diffused while wearing them.  I couldn’t resist, I purchased several of them.


I wanted to make some type of chain to hold the charm and finally came up with one using bead weaving (my favorite hobby).  I actually used a spiral stitch with left over beads from other projects.  I added a lobster claw clasp to the bottom so I could change out the charm.  I thought it actually turned out quite nice.  Now I need to make some more!!!   I used a portion of a cotton ball and added a few drops of “Blend for Women” on it and dropped it in the locket.  I can still smell the wonderful fragrance and that was a few weeks ago.

I decided to actually become a Wellness Advocate about a year ago so I could get some discount of all the EO’s I was purchasing.  There are so many ways of using Essential Oils and so many benefits along with a necklace charm diffuser.  You can apply them topically on the skin, inhale through the nose or mouth and also you can ingest some by mouth.

Another favorite use is through the use of diffusers I have through out my home.  I love mixing different EO’s and coming up with my own fragrance recipes depending on the time of year.

Here are some easy ideas for your diffuser:

During Flu season, Protective Blend.

When you have a cold, Respiratory Blend.

During that time of month, Blend for Woman.

Christmas time, special Holiday Blend.

Stressful time, Calming Blend.

My Creative Passion – Bead Weaving

I began bead weaving back in 1995 with the help of one of my great friends and neighbors back in Macon, Georgia. She was beading this beautiful item and it caught my eye and made my creative juices start flowing. I stared in awe wishing I was like her. She then convinced me that I could do it as well. I was a little skeptical but decided to give it a try so I ordered my first bead kit through Carol Wilcox-Wells. My friend walked me through the very first beaded amulet bag and I was hooked immediately. I spent most of my family beach trip staring at little bitty glass beads called delicas and poking my self to death with a very sharp needle. I beaded several more items within a few weeks and couldn’t stop. She didn’t tell me how addicting it was going to be.

My friend told me she was going to “Bead Camp” in Black Mountain, NC taught by Carol Wilcox-Wells. I was so jealous knowing this but then she came over one day telling me about a spot that just opened up so I grabbed on to it. I ventured out into the NC mountains ready and willing. That was in 1996 and it is still going on every year in September. I have gone to as many bead camps as I have been able to, wishing I could go more often. There is about 20+ women of all ages, all backgrounds politically and in every way but we have one bond (BEADING). We come together in reunion style and talk, learn, eat, eat, shop and share our life stories with one another. It’s something that I will always cherish even if I never attend another “Bead Camp”. This poem by Mary Anne Radmacher tells it all.

Stand often in the company of dreamers: they tickle your common sense &
believe you can achieve things which are impossible.

Mary Anne Radmacher

Here are some books that are great for any beader, beginner or advanced.
I always refer back to these books

My Creative Passion – Bead Weaving