What are those dang new healthy recipe items any way? 4 of 10


New to healthy eating?

You are probably like I was in the beginning of my healthy eating journey.

I would download and print off recipes that sounded great but there would be items I had no idea what they were much less able to pronounce.

Then trying to locate them was like pulling teeth.

Well, I’m going to list them for you on the next few post, and try to explain what they are, where to find them, how to make at home if it’s possible and even how to pronounce them as well!!!!

09452072-CB44-4077-B563-54DAA466789BHere we go with #4

4. Polenta – is basically when you boil cornmeal in water until it becomes a grit like consistency.  You can serve it creamy or let it cool then bake, grill, or fry it.  It’s also gluten free and originally associated with Italy, France, Switzerland and Romania.img_1343-1.jpg

I love buying it from the store already made, slicing it and cooking with a little of my instant pot veggie broth and adding to my cooked beans.  I have purchased it both at Walmart and Kroger in the pasta section.  You can also buy it at amazon as well.  It taste just like beans and cornbread but much healthier for you.

Here is a great recipe that uses polenta that is a must try using this  non cheese sauce instead of parmesan.

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