Acupuncture is on Point

Acupuncture is on Point

Before you start reading this post, I must say there may be TMI involved!………………….
I stood up from the table after a wonderful dinner with friends and something hit me in my lower back like a jolt of lightening.  I barely was able to walk out of the restaurant.  I think several people thought I had a few too many drinks.  All I wanted was to just get home.  My friend drove while I pretended I wasn’t hurting by trying to make nice conversation.  I was ready to scream or cry but didn’t want to embarrass my self.  After pulling up to my house, I was greeted very quickly by my husband due to my phone call asking for help.  Well, I thought they would be able to help me walk in but the pain kept shooting in my back every time I tried to stand up.  I ended up crawling all the way up the garage steps, through the kitchen and into the soft welcoming carpet of our bedroom.  Oh goodness, all that was going through my brain was please God, help me find a position that didn’t hurt. While my husband and daughter stared down at me in helplessness fear, I kept moaning and moving to try to lessen the pain.  I remember saying, this is like labor all over again and I want these jolts of terrible pain to stop.  As I was trying to bear the pain of the muscle spasms, there was another type of inconvenience that was starting to bother me, my bladder. Acupuncture It was getting really full after all the water I drank during dinner.  OK, well maybe the 2 glasses of wine too!  🙂   As I lay on the bedroom floor, I turned my head to look into the bathroom and saw the toilet so terribly far away from me.  I had no idea how I would get there but really needed to desperately.  I contemplated for about 30 minutes whether or not it was more painful to have the carpet cleaned or make it to the toilet.  I decided to see if I could roll over on top my stomach and just scoot or crawl.  Some how I needed to pee one way or another.  Needless to say, I finally made it to the toilet with lots of help.  Now, the next question was how were we all going to get me to a sitting position on this potty?  I decided to put away any feelings of embarrassment and as a team of three, we were successful in my relief. Yay!!!! Now getting to the bed was my next goal and soon to be achievement.  I knew the crawling and scooting method worked so we gave it a try, and it took about 10 more minutes but I finally made it to the bed, pj’s on and a heating pad located under my lower back.  We were all three tired from this hour ordeal and I know my family were so relieved to finally get me in a comfortable position.  If I could stop the jolts of pain, I knew I could finally rest and maybe get some sleep.  By this time my daughter had retreated to her room, soon to find out she was posting on Facebook about her old decrepit mother and how I needed prayers.  Well, she didn’t really call me old or decrepit, that’s just how I felt. Wonder what we did before social media to spread stories with in minutes?

I had this mind set that Chinese medicine was like voodoo medicine until I had so much pain I would try about anything to make it better.  After my good friend recommended acupuncture  I decided to call the very next morning and make an appointment.  I was a little nervous and worried about the needles hurting.  Oh goodness, what a wonderful experience at Dr. Ly’s office at “Jackson Chinese Medicine“.  I was so wrong to be worried.  I didn’t feel any pain at all but sure felt relaxed and actually fell asleep for a bit. After the first procedure I didn’t feel tight any more and after the night I saw a huge difference in my pain level dropping tremendously.  Not only was he very professional, he was so personable and spent a good amount of time talking and educating me.  Thanks to one of my good friends for recommending him.  They not only did acupuncture on my lower back they did Moxibustion, Cupping and Electrical stimulation as well.

  • Moxibustion: Often used in conjunction with the needle treatment. During Moxibustion, an herbal stick is used to heat the needles. This gives additional stimulation to the pressure points allowing the patient to heal more quickly. Most patients find this procedure very soothing.
  • Cupping: Suction cups are often used for a procedure called, cupping, to promote better circulation to a particular area. When these round cups are placed on the skin, it will help bring new blood flow to the area in addition to freeing the meridian of any blocked energy. Sometimes patients will experience slight redness or bruising from this procedure. This is normal and will clear up within 3 to 5 days. Primarily used for pain conditions, patients will usually see a significant improvement with this procedure.
  • Electrical Stimulation: Tens units are often hooked up to some of the needles on key pressure points for additional stimulation. The electrical stimulation units are much like the ones used by physical therapists. In addition to stimulating the pressure points, the units help the body to produce more endorphins, a natural chemical which fights pain and promotes better health.

There are 12 pathways of energy, known as meridians, which run along the human body.thFM978MWR Each meridian has a number of pressure points which support different areas of the body. After thousands of years, practitioners of Chinese medicine have discovered the various pressure points, and their healing benefits when stimulated.


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