Creative Juices Flowing Again

Creative Juices Flowing Again

I’m a creative being at the core of my heart and soul.  Doing something with my hands and being creative is something my soul needs and desires.  It doesn’t matter if its bead weaving, drawing, coloring, crocheting, painting, gardening, cooking or anything crafty.  It is God’s gift He has given me.

I’ve had several people ask me if I sell any of my work.  My usual response is, I just like to give themblog-equinox-creative-juice-logo as gifts.  Thinking about this inquiry over the years, has made me really ponder on why I don’t sell my creative work very often.  The first time I sold a painting was way back 30 years ago when I was in High School.  Placing 1st in an art contest gave me an opportunity to take a summer art class of all types of mediums.  My first water color attempt was a small-scale painting of a cute little bird.  A gentleman came in offering to buy this little painting of mine.  I was so excited someone wanted to actually pay me for my talent but really didn’t want to part with it.  I was torn inside but sold it anyway.  The thought of that little bird painting has popped in my mind at different times over the years, making me wonder where it may have ended up.  It was like a part of me and my talent vanishing into thin air.  When I make a decision to give something that I have made as a gift, I have a different sensation.  It’s like I’m giving some of my self, love and time to another being.  That is what gives me so much pleasure.  I’m involved not only in choosing who I give to but what I give as well.  Selling a piece doesn’t give me that same feeling.

maya nagelou quotesSome people go to therapy sessions with a psychologist but I use these creative times as my healing process.  It feels like at times I go to a far away place floating free for a little bit and all of a sudden not only have I created something, I also have such a refreshed sense of well being at the same time.  It’s a very spiritual experience that is hard to describe.  I truly believe our gifts from Him actually bring us and others closer to Him.


About Kathy

I am divorced and now married to my best friend and live in West Tennessee. I have growing family of 3 beautiful daughters, 2 beautiful bonus daughters, 3 son in laws, 2 of the cutest grandsons and 2 beautiful granddaughters. I am originally a city girl from Texas but now slowly turning into a country Tennessee girl. I love to cook with my husband, read, play on the computer and enjoy bead weaving.

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