The ancient practice of oil pulling can boost your health

The ancient practice of oil pulling can boost your health

I’m trying to make oil pulling a daily habit, glad to have this information.

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Oil attracts oil. Water-based detergents can break down oil, but oil is what pulls oil the strongest.

So by swishing oil, like coconut oil, between your teeth and around your mouth, toxins get pulled into that coconut oil and when you spit it out they leave your body.

And this swishing of oil also attracts fatty toxins that are found in your ears nose and throat. They are loose foreign bodies like plaque, bacteria, dust or mucus.

This is the idea behind oil pulling.

Here is some information on how to do it if you want to try:

I found, from my personal experience,that it is beneficial. But it is also messy. And it takes time. Maybe it’s only possible for you to do on weekends.

One tip for you is to spit your swished coconut oil in the garbage rather than down your sink. Coconut oil turns solid at…

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