Our New Adventure into Chicken World


I am excited about our new adventure into the chicken world!  My husband had chickens growing up on his dad’s pig farm but I have only dealt with chickens for a short period of time when my daughter was doing her 4H project years ago.  I actually roasted one of the misfortunate little chicks when I left the heat lamp on too long.  Our black Labrador ate about four of them after pushing my daughter down to get into the pen.  I remember saying never again!!!!  Well, I guess I should have never said Never!!!!!  A lot has changed to this “City Girl” since then.

This “City Girl” got married for the 2nd time three years ago to a “Country Boy” and now live on about 100 acres.  I am learning about gardening, canning food and actually loving it except for the hot summer tomato picking! 🙂  We are actually going to downsize our garden next year with some relief from this city girl!

We planted two whiskey barrels full of different herbs this past spring.  They have actually done very well to my surprise.  Remembering to water plants is not one of my positive traits!  We had so many herbs I decided to go on “Pinterest” to see what other options were out there for all my overgrown herbs.  I found out how to dry them and now have oregano, basil, rosemary, and thyme for our winter’s cooking and gifts as well.  I’m also in the process of making essential oils with the lavender and rosemary I grew.  I hear the lavender is calming and the rosemary helps with your memory.  With “50” creeping around the corner, I will need help in the memory department for sure.

Here are some pictures of the Chicken Coop building process and others around the Farm.  Enjoy!

Visit Kathy’s profile on Pinterest.


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