The Shores of Life – Our Grinding Stone

The Shores of Life – Our Grinding Stone

“It’s not what you do, but how much love you put into what you do that matters.”  Mother Teresa

“Pain, your personal grinding stone, has a purpose when ever it is used to make a difference.” Dr. Leslie Parrott

“…Hoping against hope I can collect my life into a treasure.” Dr. Leslie Parrott

“Under the Mercy every hurt is a fossil link in the great chain of becoming.” Dr. Leslie Parrott

The Shores of Life

I am not just one tiny piece of sharp rugged glass
that keeps getting rubbed and washed up to shore for no reason. 


I am part of a mosaic of so many different glass variations
working together making a beautiful piece of art that glorifies Him.


Even when the waves feel like they are crashing all around me,
washing me against the coast, I am sustained by the surrounding glass body.


Through the shores of life I am filled with gratefulness and
peace because of the support from Father above and others around me.

Kathy Adkisson

You Matter More Than You Think:
What A Woman Needs to Know about the Difference She Makes

Dr. Leslie Parrott


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