Spiral Lesson — Learning to Surrender


Loved this blog and wanted to share this one on Surrender….something I need to work on. 🙂 Enjoy

Source of Inspiration

Learning to surrender is not easy.
The wall of pride, arrogance, and
a need to be “right,” must be
dismantled brick by brick. Reflect
on how the concept of “surrender,”
applies to your life. There is a
big difference between
surrendering and giving up.

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About katbirdgirl

I am divorced and now married to my best friend and live in West Tennessee. I have 3 beautiful daughters, 2 beautiful bonus daughters, 2 of the cutest grandsons and 2 more coming. I am originally a city girl from Texas but now slowly turning into a country Tennessee girl. I love to cook with my husband, read, play on the computer and enjoy bead weaving when I find the time. This blog will be a mixture of all of my loves: my faith, my children, my husband, cooking, good books, healthy lifestyle and bead weaving. http://www.mydoterra.com/kathyadkisson/

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