Swimming so deep
Circling around searching in every place
Being engulfed by darkness
Lifting my voice for deliverance.

A radiant light streams down suddenly
From a distant place yet so near
Surrounding me with
A wonderful calmness
Discovering for the first time
What I was searching for all along.

The journey of following
This beam of hope becomes
My every want and desire
slowly transforming me
into a new woman who can
stand and walk in the
Daily guidance of this brightness
In complete freedom.

Kathy Hunt Adkisson

Art is by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen


About Kathy

I am divorced and now married to my best friend and live in West Tennessee. I have growing family of 3 beautiful daughters, 2 beautiful bonus daughters, 3 son in laws, 2 of the cutest grandsons and 2 beautiful granddaughters. I am originally a city girl from Texas but now slowly turning into a country Tennessee girl. I love to cook with my husband, read, play on the computer and enjoy bead weaving.

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